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Luigi Mondelli is a highly respected figure in the world of martial arts, particularly known for his expertise in Integrated Combatives. With lifelong background in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, where he holds a prestigious 5th degree black belt, Mondelli has expanded his skill set to encompass a variety of combat disciplines, making him a versatile and formidable instructor.

Mondelli's philosophy in martial arts revolves around the integration of different combat styles to create a well-rounded, effective system of self-defense for civilians and combat readiness for Law Enforcement and the Military. He has trained in striking arts, grappling, Combatives tactics, and firearms (under leading top tier instructors) blending these elements seamlessly into his teachings.

Luigi Mondelli is renowned for his ability to communicate complex techniques in an accessible manner, catering to students of all levels. His passion for martial arts is evident in his dedication to continuous learning and improvement, both as a practitioner and a teacher. His contributions to the field of Integrated Combatives have made him a sought-after instructor and a respected voice in the martial arts community.

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